The investor of La Grande Image, Mr. Pottier, was born in a small city called Le Mans, which is world-famous for its car race, the “24h Le Mans”, in Northwestern France. This competition was established in 1923 and yearly attracted top-class racing car brands in June. It has been known as one of the toughest competitions. A team consists of three pilots who need to finish their non-stop tasks all day and all night. In fact, this competition fully represents the vehicles’ outstanding performance and advanced design concept.

Because of his first business trip to Changzhou city in 2009, he fell so deeply in love with China. In 2009, he began to undertake business in China, which was then already his second hometown. In 2014, he invested in La Grande Image, and brought his favorite car-racing culture into it.


From the car-racing dream to cultural communication, creators gather from different cultural background work there. With different cultural and linguistic horizons, group communication collision occurred between wisdom and inspiration, blossoming into creative sparks.

In order to deliver quality services and to keep our work improving, we chose to create a team full of different cultures. It is for you the guarantee that we are always aware of keeping the Chinese and the overseas market trends and so that we can respond to your challenges with global solutions.

La Grande Image is composed of admen from around the world. Our real management philosophy is made of open-mindedness and acceptance among creativity, knowledge, culture, and languages. All these values design the true spirit of La Grande Image.
Persisting in improvement and innovation have always been the core ideas of car-racing culture. Also in our work, what we firmly believe is that even a primary idea can finally break out, through communication between the team and the clients. La Grande Image is always focused on the brand itself and its audience, in order to reinforce them, in line to La Grande Image standard.
Racers have acute intuitions that enable them to respond quickly to unexpected situations and deal with them promptly. Nowadays, La Grande Image consistently focuses on and thinks about the market trends, which undoubtedly gives us sensitive abilities to understand them in a unique way. We rapidly cope with market changes to provide accurate and appropriate promotion strategies to our clients.
Team collaboration is the criteria to judge the strength of a team during a race. So it is for us too. Each of us is just like a mechanic during a race: we are proficient in different professional skills and collaborate with each other, so we can handle various general or unexpected issues for customers with a higher efficiency.